An Interview with Emma Drew

I recently had a great opportunity to hold an interview with the lovely Emma Drew from (formally known as From Aldi to Harrods) Emma’s great blog is all about how to save and make money while working from home.…

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Household budget tips

The Art of Air Drying Clothes – Don’t be the damp fish

What do you mean there is an art to air drying clothes? Surely you just hang it up and leave it? Well yes you can. But in winter if you aren’t careful your clothes could end up smelling like a…

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Making money

Matched Betting Review – How I got on in my first month

So you are looking at ways to make and save money and have been browsing around online. Chances are that you have come across posts about Matched Betting. That is exactly what happened to me. At first I skimmed over…

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Food on a budget

Chicken Kebabs – Delicious homemade Turkish style Shish kebabs

These Turkish chicken kebabs are cheap, delicious and will definitely ween even the most hardened kebab muncher off the takeaways and onto homemade. They are great made for a BBQ, cooked indoors under the grill. I even make up a…

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Money saving

Zeek Review – Get reduced price gift vouchers & a free £5 credit

Christmas is nearly here and with it comes the extra expenses. From gifts for family and friends to the increase in food costs for all those yummy Christmas foods and drinks. Then after Christmas is the time we all need…

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